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New Vitality is a long-term front for Roger W. Mason, a convicted drug manufacturer and drug illegal drug dealer who sells such items as Super Beta Prostate and Ageless Male through New Vitality, which he owns and operates.

The products are useless and he takes your credit card and never stops charging you. Interesting, Mason was convicted of credit card fraud back in the 80's and sentenced to 18 years. Guess he found out how to get your money without going to prison. No one reports any good from these products and he has sold millions of bottles.

He makes the stuff for about $2 a bottle and sells it for $35.00. He says he is a research chemist but the only chemistry he ever did wa mix up illicit drugs that he then sold to children.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I have read and studied nutrition and supplements for over 50 years. Although I don't agree with everything in Mason's book, overall, I found it quite informative and helpful.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1164181

in another of your websites you list ethicsabuse.com as providing info on Roger Mason's "criminal" record. BUT the site redirects to his own Youngagain and Vitality sites.

Is this a practical joke? And WHY are you doing this????


I have used Super Beta Prostate for over 10 years and it works great!


Roger Mason, New Vitality's owner was held responsible for at least 12 deaths as a direct result of the drugs he distributed. Why he only received 20 years is a mystery to anyone who has studied the case.

Right now cold case investigators are determining whether he can be brought to just ice for these murders in the 70's.

You can read the AP article at ethicsabuse.com. Who knows what he puts in the drugs he peddles on TV, radio and the internet?

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #583262

Mason was sentenced in the early 80's to 20 years for drug manufacturing. Apparently, he got out after a few years and set up New Vitality and Young Again Products where he has continued to sell phony supplements purporting to cure just about any ill one can think of.

Right now he has a very serious problem. Apparently, he was held responsible for the drug related deaths of nearly 120 children. Back then he could not be touched for these murders.

Now, the cold case posse is on his *** and intend to lock him up for good. You can look up the murder investigation on the web with a simple search.


Bought Super Beta Prostate for my husband base don a 30 day money back guarantee. It did nothing to help him.

when I asked Roger Mason for my money back he told me to shut up and go away. My credit card was billed three times before I could stop the billing. This is one bad dude.

I did a google look up and found he is a convicted drug dealer and credit card scammer on life parole. Hope the authorities catch up with him before he rips off more people like me.

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