I ordered a product from them to try. I did not ask for autromatic refills; I never do, from them or anyone else.

But the started sending them anyway. So they either did it on their own or made the auto-refill option misleading, surreptitious, or innocent looking; or maybe it requires you to actively opt out. The agreed to stop after two unwanted shipments. If this is their business model it makes me wonder how else they abuse their customers - either product or service wise.

Find some else to trade with. 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100

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I ASK TO BE SENT A SAMPLE OF Super Beta Prostate, and not send any more until I requested it. But they sent me one today.

Please stop, I do not fine it helpfull.

I do not want to have to cancel my card, but if I recelive any more I will do so.

William Ketchum


Beta Prostate and Super Beta Prostate is owned by Roger W. Mason.

New Vitality is just another front he uses to hide and launder his drug profits. The horrific criminal history of Roger Mason is spelled out in detail on a new website www.ethicsabuse.com. Here you will find articles from the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun and he American Banker detailing his 30 years of crime using natural health companies to conceal his massive dealing and manufacturing of illegal drugs. This so-called, self-promoted "research chemist" is actually one of the biggest drug dealers in the USA and perhaps the world.

He now uses his vast financial resources to buy off courts and judges as he seizes assets of innocent business people who get in his way. His fronts are Young Again Products and New Vitality. His supplements are laced with illegal substances.

He gets away with it because the corrupt federal judiciary protects him. This is on scary dude who needs to be locked up.

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