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Advice to all! Check out the companies you plan to transact with before buying any product EVEN IF you trust the media from which you heard about a vendor!!!

Had I checked out New Vitality first, I never would have ordered from them. All the other complaints are exactly what happened to me! They have charged me 3 times and I only knew about 2 until I investigated it. After my initial order, I like many others canceled within the prescribed time-frame.

When I received another supply 4 months after i canceled, I called CS. They informed me that it was MY misunderstanding and if I would call the whole thing off they would instantly credit me $20, keep the product and call it even. When I went to my C Card people, they informed me of an additional charge of which I never received a product. Total of $170 charges, and they told me they would credit me $20 if I would forget about the whole thing and let the whole thing go?

Then they kept me on hold for 10 minutes for a supervisor. After the wait, he told me none were available and even if there was, they would tell me the same thing he told me. Upon my insistence, he said they would call me back, but could not tell me when. When i asked him what number they would be calling me back on, he didn't know.

Needless to say, i am not getting a call.

I REPEAT...DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH NEW VITALITY. Even if you like one of their products, their disdain and uncaring flippant attitude towards the customer should not be tolerated by anyone.

Monetary Loss: $170.

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I ordered 3 Ageless Male Because i knew if i ordered one there would be auto ship and i got a call today to see if i wanted to buy a years worth at a discount. I told them i had no results and wanted no more i was told i would get my usual auto ship soon i told them i did not do auto ship i was told i agreed to it.

What kind of scam is this there should be a pop up window to ask i you want auto order. I was transfer to another person Paul he told me auto ship was on the second and agreed to cancel.


I was checking bank statement today and saw that New Vitality had a reoccurring charge of $154.99. I never had anything on automatic/ reoccurring order.

I placed one order to try their Ageless Male and Beta Prostate and that was it.

I will never do business with this company ever!!! Sleazy business practice.


New Vitality didn;t ship my order until thirteen BUSINESS days until after my card was billed. They have a thrty day trial period but I'll only have about three days to try the stuff.

I called cusomer service... Kid was rude and said he couldn't see the same tracking info I saw in spite of teh same number (he was fibbing) I owned a mail order company for ten years... Bad start to the customer/vendor relationship.

Think I'll refuse the shipment and just dispute teh charge.


To Rhaussman,

I am deeply concerned over your unfortunate comments; we have a very large customer base and when things like this happen it often makes us wonder how it did and what can be done to resolve the situation. To assure quality for our Sales and our Customer Service Representatives we do record our telephone conversations in order to find any fault if any on our offerings.

We do not automatically apply a charge and shipment to your credit card after the first order has shipped, that will only happen if you desire to get a discount on future orders by signing up for our "Super Saver Program". I would like to get your order information to research your problem and try and both satisfy you as a customer and possibly learn if there was any fault on our representative side by listening to the calls when they came into our center. We value you as a customer and never want you to have any dissatisfaction. Please call our Customer Service Department and speak with our department manager Marques, that phone number is 1-800-943-6465 and his extension is 1236. I promise that we will do everything possible to make you a happy customer.

Thank you.

Customer Service

Farmingdale New York

United States

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