I have just completed reading several pages of complaints regarding New Vitality products. The majority of the complaints were that the customer was charged for unauthorized product after the initial free offer.

I am not an employee of New Vitality. The call center that employees me has been placing orders for New Vitality for about a year and a half. We are provided with a script to pitch the product.New Vitality is adament that we follow the script verbatum. The initial sales offer is for free product and the shipping charge.

(6.95) If the customer agrees to that offer we proceed to the credit card info for billing. After that info has been provided, the preferred customer option is offered. That offer is: We will ship a fresh supply every 30 days for the product price plus shipping and handling.If the customer does not agree we have been provided with several rebuttal phrases. These are very specific and the majority of the customers accept the offer.

Once the offer is accepted we are required to read verbatum, "I do need a verbal yes or ok that you understand and accept that this is a month to month shipment and that all you have to do is call and cancel". If we do not receive that Yes or Ok we are not allowed to place the order. We have supervisors monitoring our calls and not following this procedure does result in write ups and possible termination.

I have no information regarding any problems with customer service as that is handled by New Vitality.

I have never used any of the New Vitality products but several of my fellow employees have and most report positive results.

My confusion with the complainers is that the shipments were unauthorized and they were scammed. Very, very questionable

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Not questionable complaints at all. I work there, and see how fast the script is read so most of it goes right over the customer's heads.

I'm in their customer service there, and I too have a script that I must read. This script makes it virtually impossible for them to cancel, and NAC Marketing knows this!

Oregon City, Oregon, United States #717073

Thank u call center employee!!!! Any shipment that is received after the trial WAS authorized with a yes or ok!

These pple saying they were "scamed" but the fact is that they simply did not listen fully or agreed to something they didn't understand the terms are VERY clear and unless they call to cancel they will continue to receive and be charged monthly.

To ALL complainers.... U were not scammed u agreed to offer terms when u ordered please do not trash a companies rep over your own stupidity

to Use ur brain Newport, Vermont, United States #826291

amen---- call ctr employee who deals with this *** daily

to Use ur brain Poughkeepsie, New York, United States #827729

I called to cancel and instead of cancelling, the rep pushed my order back a month! And i was charged once again!

to Dave #1395609

The person here is just trying to scam into people thinking its safe. Their is no cancel to them and they just want your money and would charge you even if you cancel.

My dad tryed canceling and one month later they charge you again. He canceled 3 months in a row and still gets charged a lot.

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