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DO NOT BUY THIS from the web site it is sold in a local rite aid or cvs. I called to order this product to try for my neighbor and was told that I was only ordering 1 bottle and I told them not to send a second bottle . They proceded to send a second bottle and third and billed my credit card. When I called to cancel them from sending they offered a 50% refund they bill me $46.94 and said $19.99... Read more

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I ordered this product, out of stupidity I guess, on January 1. It is now January 17th and I have still not received any product. However, yesterday I noticed about $200 more on my credit card. When I called to complain, I was told that the contractual conditions were outlined and that is the reason for the additional charges. When I explained that I had not received any product so therefore... Read more

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This product is a hoax, nothing happened is what the problem is. You claim it is helpful with prostate issues and it has not helped, I have called your company to cancel and they keep auto shipping. I do not want it any more, yet you continue to send, what does a person have to do to cancel this product. I have called twice and I want it no more. I have sent this back and asked to cancel my... Read more

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Stay away from this company, and all of their products!The minute you accept their "free trial" you will be enrolled in their "preferred customer" program, in which they will ship you your "free" product mostly, and charge the credit card you have on file.When you call to cancel you "membership" they will make it so difficult that you will want to pull your hair out. As a former employee, I can... Read more

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A few years ago received a new zip code from the Post Office. Attempted to order protects on line using my new zip code.Got a message saying State&zip combination not correct.Called the order line to order the same products.After waiting on hold for a long time,the people who were trying to help me didn't have a clue on what to do.Gave me other phone # to call with no result.After wasting a... Read more

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I tried their SuperBeta Prostate product for 60 days and it was ineffective. I asked them to dis-continue shipping the product, which they refused to do until i threatened to call the U. S. Attorney General's office and the U. S. Postmaster. They refused to honor their 100% money back guarantee, saying that I needed to try the product for 30-60 days to determine effectiveness and when i tried it... Read more

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I have been buying Beta Prostrate for at least 20 years and have no complaints about the product that are evident at this point in time. The last few years the sales office has become more and more aggressive and demanding. First, the "auto ship" was coming earlier and earlier until I had a huge supply so I cancelled it. When I would call in to place an order, the salesman would almost demand... Read more

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They send things i didn't order. Add comment

I actually, sort of liked the product. It may have been the placebo affect but I did notice a feeling of lack of stress while taking the product. My problem was that I didn't always need to take it and they are religious about sending more every month. I have stock piled several bottles and I called customer service to SUSPEND the order until I needed more. When I called the 888 number I was... Read more

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This company new vitality they charge me in 11/20/2014 $16.94 and today they charge me $46.94 wich is made without my autorisation this is ripoff company my name is Abdelhamid Adamou Add comment

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